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The Shofar

The Shofar is the monthly newsletter of Temple Sinai.  It contains monthly articles from Rabbi Annie and the Temple Sinai President, information on recent and upcoming activities, as well as important congregational information.

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Current Issue:

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Temple Sinai Bylaws

Temple Sinai is governed by a constitution and bylaws, which was amended and approved by a congregational vote in April 2002.


There are several ways to make a donation to Temple Sinai for specific programs or to honor someone special to you. The following is a list of the various funds, endowments and groups that support Temple Sinai and our community:

  • Benefactors Fund: Used for special programming coordinated by past Benefactors (persons honored annually for years of service to the Temple).
  • Building Fund: Contributions for our beautiful building.
  • Caring Committee Fund: for discretionary spending to help out families in need.
  • Education Fund: Contributions used for special programming.
  • Library Fund: Used for acquisition of books, newspapers/magazines, multimedia, and furnishings/equipment.
  • Music Fund: Provides funding for musical accompaniment at services.
  • Prayer Book Fund: Donations used to purchase Shabbat or High Holy Day prayer books.  A bookplate will be placed in each book.
  • Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund: Donations used to aid students, our Temple, and the Jewish community at Rabbi Belford’s discretion.
  • Ruth Lax Mitchell Fund:  Used to offset camp fees for students in need.
  • Shalom From Sinai Fund: Donations for birthday, anniversary, sympathy, congratulations, get well, etc.
  • Todd Philip Levin Endowment: Proceeds provide funding for the salary of the Education Director and support for special education programs.
  • Yahrzeit Plaque: To memorialize your loved ones.
  • Brotherhood: For current needs and additional discretionary spending.
  • Sisterhood: For current needs and to outfit our commercial kitchen (in later building phase).