Board of Trustees

About the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is an elected body of Temple Sinai members who manage the general operations of the synagogue and ensure that the spiritual, educational, financial, and other congregational needs are being properly met. Comprised of volunteers who are dedicated to improving Temple Temple Sinai, the Board of Trustees is a microcosm of our community, representing virtually every aspect of our congregation. The Nominating Committee is responsible for identifying talented individuals who are committed to the synagogue and willing to put their time and effort into improving our community. A proposed slate of candidates is presented to the congregation during the annual meeting for consideration and approval.  Officers serve two year terms.  Trustee positions are typically one year in length.


Ellen Neuwirth-Hirsch

Roles and Responsibilities: The President serves as the CEO of the synagogue. Presides at all meeting of the Congregation and Board of Trustees, appoints all committees not otherwise provided for in the Bylaws, runs annual meeting, sets agenda for congregation, in charge of executive committee, ex-officio member of each committee, ultimate oversight of any congregational activities, external representation at various forums, general problem solving. Member of Executive Committee.

Karen Westall

Roles and Responsibilities: Leads SinaiVision (Strategic Planning) Committee in establishing and maintaining 5-year dynamic strategic plan for synagogue, including periodic updates, and developing tools/processes for trustees & committees to use to execute plan.  Provides ongoing input and assistance to President for continued focus on strategic Board discussions.  Provides broad oversight to capital campaign project.  Member of Executive Committee.

Diane Adler

Roles and Responsibilities: Organizes the volunteer support for congregational worship, including service leaders if the Rabbi is unavailable, congregational dinners (in conjunction with worship), Oneg Shabbats and Shabbat Kiddush luncheons, ushers, honors and other functions needed for the High Holiday Services.  Works with the Rabbi to recommend and support worship innovations and changes.  Member of Executive Committee.

Neill Nepo

Roles and Responsibilities: Oversees program, budget, policies of Religious School in collaboration with Education Director and Rabbi. Coordinates volunteers for religious school activities. Chairs Education Committee, Junior and Senior Youth Groups, Temple Library and Scholarship Committee. Liaison with Adult Education Trustee and other board members as needed. Member of Executive Committee.

David Schwam

Roles and Responsibilities: Oversees administrative processes in Temple office in collaboration with Office Administrator.  This includes reviews of processes and procedures for improvement in efficiency and cost savings. Develops new procedures and recommends new policies, as needed. Member of Executive Committee.

Robin Converse

Roles and Responsibilities: Oversees dues committees, tracks incoming monies and generates statements. Prepares and distributes dues statements and pledge forms. Maintains membership records and serves as custodian for such records. Coordinates dues adjustments and collection of dues. Member of Executive Committee.

Melissa Lacombe

Roles and Responsibilities: Maintains correct record of the proceedings of all general, special, and Board of Trustee meetings.  Issues minutes and is signatory for legal documents. Provides oversight of centralization of files and records.  Member of Executive Committee.

Lee Markiewicz

Roles and Responsibilities: Oversight of budget and expenditures. Keep an accurate account of all receipts and disbursements. Projects annual income and expenses, reviews financial needs of the congregation, recommends investments, presents financial reports to board and congregation. Serves as custodian of all financial papers, bonds, funds and other securities belonging to the Congregation. Member of Executive Committee.

Carol Osterman

Roles and Responsibilities: Fills out MUM reports, attends Board and Executive meetings, signs checks, assists with budget concerns, serves on Dues Committee, and assists with coding of income and expenses to match URJ codes for MUM forms.

Lori Neuwirth-Hirsch

Roles and Responsibilities: Promotes and conserves congregational membership, welcomes new members, monitors issue of membership, maintains and distributes information packets, coordinates summer open house, coordinates New Member Shabbat and serves as part of Dues Committee.

Roger Rochman

Roles and Responsibilities: Identifies and delivers leadership development activities for the current board, assists in identifying and developing future leaders.

Richard Shaw

Roles and Responsibilities: Plans classes and programs for the year and publicizes internally and externally. Recruits volunteer Hebrew class teachers.  Negotiates outside speaker fees; budgets for fees, honorariums, materials, and other expenses for the year. Participates in West Houston programming Coalition.  Set up for Melton classes.  Publicizes BJE, JCC and Federation programs, and publishes brochure of classes, programs and speakers.  Incorporates SinaiVision goals in programming.  Member of Education Committee.

Karyn Weed

Roles and Responsibilities: Consults and approves Mitzvah Projects, coordinates community outreach activities and promotes interfaith outreach.  Coordinates annual Mitzvah Day activities and Westside Homeless Holiday Party. Liaises with community organizations including veterans, homeless shelters, food pantries and interfaith Ministries.


Roles and Responsibilities: Coordinates the raising of extra, short term, and unallocated funds. Ways of raising money in the past have been sale of directory advertisements, art auction fall event, and annual spring gala.  Also services as a liaison to Board for social events.

Dale Berman

Roles and Responsibilities: Responsible for arranging for the maintenance and upkeep of building. Supervises the building, grounds, equipment maintenance and improvements. Works with the Board to arrange any capital improvement projects. Arranges security for major events.

Jill Beech

Roles and Responsibilities: Coordinates and publishes all external articles. Coordination and centralization of all advertising. Chairs the internal communications committee and ensures publication of Shofar, weekly e-mails and upgrading and maintenance of the Temple website.

Marcy Fein, Frank Weber

Roles and Responsibilities: Lead projects, as appropriate.  Provide context and support for the other members, particularly the President, and to serve as an objective set of ears/eyes on any given topic.

Barbara Shepard

Roles and Responsibilities: Filled by previous congregational president. Provides historical perspective to board. Leads projects, as appropriate.

Susan Hertz, Diane Statham

Roles and Responsibilities: Coordinates Sisterhood programming, Rosh Chodesh, Gift Shop, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Onegs and holiday events.  Facilitates a variety of programs including  Senior Sisters, College Connection,  and “Shalom Yeladim” sessions for toddlers and their parents.

Mike Seltzer

Roles and Responsibilities: Coordinates Brotherhood programming to support the overall needs and desires of the men of Temple Sinai. Promotes the male Jewish spirit through religious and educational programs (2nd Saturday Shabbat, Matzoh Brie, Spaghetti Dinner), support for youth Jewish education (B’nai Mitzvah gifts, GFC scholarships), arranging guest speakers and facilitates service programs and activities (Blood drives, Schlep Sunday, Habitat for Humanity).  Promotes service to the Temple Sinai community (HHD Ushers, sanctuary setup for holiday activities). Encourages fellowship via social activities (Sporting events, Movie Nights, Broadway shows).

Zoe Berman

Roles and Responsibilities: Serves as an adult guide and role model for the youth-led TeSTY organization. Facilitates activities and discussions with the TeSTY leadership and members.

Rabbi Annie Belford

Chava Gal-Or, Director of Congregational Learning
Cindy Crump, Administrator